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Happy Easter! He is risen!

Happy Easter! He is risen!

J.R.R. Tolkein coined a phrase that was the basis for his writing of Lord of the Rings. That phase is Eucatastrophe. An unexpected happening that brings goodness out of devastation. He concluded that the resurrection was the greatest Eucatastrophe in human history.

At the moment when all seemed lost, Mary Magdalen found the empty tomb and brought Peter and John.
When they entered the empty tomb. They were greeted only by burial cloths. These cloths are in two different locations which means that Jesus purposely put them in two separate locations. The fact that he is not bound by the burial cloths show us that he has passed through death and it no longer has power over him.

This should give us joy this Eastertide . Lent in a time of Covid has been a lot more penitential than we expected. We are still bound to our homes right now. Jesus is not. He can truly raise us up out of the things we are going through. As St. Paul says, “If you were then raised with Christ, seek what is above.” We can still live our faith, we can still love our families, call those who need to talk, take care of those who are in need being safe and taking precautions. We can still do these things. It is because Jesus has risen from the dead. That joy can still affect us to our soul and bring goodness of our devastation. Let us today remember that Jesus took on the sin of the world in his death on the cross and peacefully rose from the dead. We pray that his peace will be in all our hearts today.

(With thanks to Fr Brian Phelps, Cincinnati)