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November: Remembering our Faithful Departed.

Dear Friends,

November is the month during which we remember and pray for our dead.

One traditional devotion is the November Lists.

Mass is offered daily during the month of November for all our deceased loved ones whose names we have written on our November lists.

Envelopes are available from the chapel on Toussaint. But this year given lockdown it’s perfectly fine just to post or email a list of your departed loved ones to the Chaplaincy.

These lists will remain on the altar for all masses in the Chapelle Saint Patrick throughout the year.

This year as usual, we remember all the deceased relatives of our parish community and in particular also all Covid 19 victims, as well as:

  • Simone Barreto Silva,
  • Vincent Loquès
  • Nadine Devillers,
  • Victims of the Nice atrocity.

(For anyone wishing to have their loved ones remembered separately and publicly at Sunday mass during the year, please advise in the usual way and we will do our best to find a suitable date).

Stay well everyone and stay safe.

Fr Hugh