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Message from Fr. Hugh 31 October 2020

Dear Friends,

Well, here we are in lockdown Paris again! I hope that you are all coping with the new restrictions!

It seems that in the same spirit as allowing a certain tolerance for people returning from the midterm holidays the Churches have also been given a dérogation from the Government for the celebration of Toussaint on Sunday. This will serve as a moment to remember all who have died this year. (First communion préparations are suspended however.)

Sunday mass will be celebrated at 11.30 as usual this weekend. All are welcome to come along, in accordance with and fully respecting the government dérogation and regulations, however if for any reason you are concerned about the lockdown restrictions please do not take any risks and please know that there is no Sunday obligation in this time of emergency.

Our Toussaint mass will be offered especially for all who have perished in this difficult year and also for those who were the victims of the horrendous attack in Nice today.

Thereafter we will revert to video transmission for subsequent Sunday liturgies until further notice.

Stay well everyone and stay safe.

Fr. Hugh