When available new content will be added here relating to the Irish Chaplaincy Paris and other interesting topics. These will include documents, homilies, speeches, reflections, media articles, recordings, videos, and interviews broadcast on radio and television.

These are homilies given by Fr Sean Maher, Irish Chaplain, during Mass at Chapelle Saint-Patrick and other special occasions.
Feast of the Baptism of our Lord, January 13, 2013

Magazine and Newspaper Articles
These are articles about the Irish Chaplaincy Paris published in various Irish and French religious magazines, newspapers and websites.

Prison Visits Ministry article written by Fr Sean Maher published in Intercom, November 2012

Interview with Fr Sean Maher in Paris Notre-Dame magazine about the Eucharistic Congress, June 2012 (in French)

Fr Sean Maher interviewed on the Radio Notre-Dame radio programme, Ecclesia Magazine about the Eucharistic Congress, June 2012 (in French)

Fr Sean Maher interviewed about his Irish Chaplaincy role and responsibilities on KANDLE Radio, November 2010

Advent Carol Service, December 2012 (1 hour audio recording)

These are short reflections written by Fr Sean Maher on special themes that invite us to relfect, think and open our minds to the presence of Jesus Christ in our everyday lives.
Baptism – Finding our Identity, January 2013
Blessings for 2013, January 2013
Confirmation, June 2012

Fr Sean Maher interviewed on KTOTV about the Eucharistic Congress and the Church in Ireland, June 2012 (in French)