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As the Church joins in Synod we pray to the Holy Spirit.

To the Holy Spirit, Creator and Lord of the Church who guides her through time and
gently urges her ever onward, we address this supplication:

R. Come, You who ever makes all things new!

Come, Holy Spirit, soul of the Church: gather into unity and make fruitful the toil, the hope, and the desire of each one involved in the Synod Assembly, we invoke you:

Come, gentle Breath of God, who in Jesus revives the dwindling flame, and restore vigor to the bruised reed, we call upon you:

Come, Creator Spirit, who restores parched bones, gathers the lost, and brings into dialogue languages that do not recognize each other, we beseech you:

Come, burning fire of God, who purifies every vain thought, burning and transforming every sadness into the joy of new birth, we implore you:

Come, Beauty of the lowly and the poor, build up the beautiful bride of the Lamb through the tears of those who love peace and hunger for justice, we invoke you:

Come, God’s Forgiveness, and convert us to your breath that reconciles us for a new fellowship, we call upon you:

Come, unapproachable Wisdom, and fill us with your synodal gifts, we beseech you:

Come, unfailing Hope of the Church, and stir up dreams and desires according to the heart of God which, to the human eye, seems impossible, we implore you:

Suggested prayers of intercession in the lead up to the Synod Assembly of Bishops (October 2023)

These proposed intercessory prayers can be used on a weekday either as a Universal Prayer during the Eucharistic Celebration or as intercessions at Vespers.