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Message from Fr. Hugh

Dear friends,

As you will no doubt have heard, Premier Ministre Castex has just announced this evening a month long lockdown for Paris and Île de France, (and 15 other departments)as had been expected.

However, happily the rules for places of worship remain unchanged and public services may proceed so long as existing protocols are observed. It will be be necessary however to have an ‘attestation de déplacement’ (either paper or electronic) which in turn will have a new box for ‘lieux de culte’.

This should be ticked by mass goers. (There is a 10 km limit on déplacement). The Chaplaincy will therefore continue to celebrate  Sunday mass at 11.30 am as usual open to the public (in strict observance of the protocols) for the duration of this lockdown.

God Bless

Fr. Hugh