Message from Fr. Hugh.

Dear Friends, This has been an extraordinary Lenten Season. The past weeks have been filled with uncertainty as COVID-19, coronavirus, wreaks havoc and harm throughout the world. I just wanted to assure you therefore of my thoughts and prayers at this time of uncertainty. Although we cannot meet for Mass in our beloved Chapelle St […]

“Prayer for a Pandemic”  by  Dr. Cameron Wiggins Bellm. May we who are merely inconvenienced Remember those whose lives are at stake. Remember those whose lives are at stake. May we who have no risk factors Remember those most vulnerable. May we who have the luxury of working from home Remember those who must choose […]

St. Patrick’s Mass Cancellation and Covid 19

Dear friends, As you may know Sunday mass is being suspended this week in Dioceses all across Ireland until further notice. As yet this hasn’t happened in Paris. However, given today’s announcement by M. Le Premier Ministre issuing a ban on all gatherings of over 100 persons, the Mass for St.Patrick’s Weekend is now cancelled. […]

MASS FOR St. Patrick’s Weekend will proceed as planned.

Despite the unfortunate postponement and cancellation of some St Patrick’s Weekend events including the big rugby fixture:the Mass and Blessing of the Shamrock will proceed as planned on Sunday March 15th at 16.30 in S Étienne du Mont.  All are welcome. (The mass will adhère to the special guidelines recently issued by the Archdiocese of […]

A Lenten Prayer. God, our heavenly Father, look upon us and hear our prayer during this holy Season of Lent. By the good works You inspire, help us to discipline our lives and to be renewed in spirit. Without You we can do nothing. By Your Spirit help us to know what is right and […]

REFLECTION And PRAYER FOR ST. BRIGID’S DAY Legend holds that Brigid made her first cross from rushes she picked from the floor as she visited a pagan chieftain who was dying. While sitting by his bed she began to weave the rushes into the shape of a cross and tell the stories of her Christian […]