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A Reflection for Eastertide

A Reflection for Eastertide:
Our world and our contemporary culture, is in need of Easter’s Redemption! We live in a world where love and happiness are so often confused and drained of their true value. Love is often reduced to a thing of convenience or a fortunate emotion. Happiness is most often mistaken with a feeling to be fancied in the moment or having all of our indulgences met. As we celebrate the great mystery of Easter, the love of God that loved us to the end and brought us out of death into new life, we discover a new hope for a world that is so disillusioned and confused about love and happiness.
We discover that we are made for more. The dignity and beauty of who we are as human beings, having been made in his image and likeness, takes on new meaning in the Light of the Resurrection. Our Lord’s suffering in the flesh and resurrecting in the flesh redeemed man and the very image of man. The Easter Mystery of Resurrection gives us hope in many dimensions: that we have been delivered from our sin, we’ve been brought back to the life of grace in him, and we can hope to live as he always intended, precious in his sight, made in his image and likeness and ready to rediscover the truth about love and happiness.