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A Holy Week Reflection.

Dear friends, as we journey through the most sacred week in the Christian calendar, we as Christians are encouraged to go through various emotions. It’s a week filled with a range of feelings, as we move from the adulation of Palm Sunday to the desolation of Good Friday and onto the joy of Easter.

During this Holy Week, when Jesus gave his life for love, let us truly strive to love one another.

Let us resolve to make this week holy by mirroring Christ’s message of love. ‘The Word became flesh and redeemed us by his life and saving death’. This week especially let us accept his message by doing our best to live grateful, faithful, prayerful, generous and just lives.

Let us resolve to make this week holy. So often we get caught up in the hurry of daily living. As individuals and as families, let us try to reserve some prime time to be with Jesus, to hear the cries of the children waving palm branches, to see the Son of Man riding on the donkey colt, to feel the press of the crowd, to be caught up in the “Hosannas” and to realize how the cries of acclamation will yield to the garden of suffering. Let’s try too to be there and watch as Jesus is sentenced by Pilate to Calvary, to see him rejected, mocked, spat upon, beaten, and forced to carry a heavy cross, to hear the echo of the hammer, to feel the agony of torn flesh and strained muscles, to know Mary’s anguish as he hung three hours before he died.

Let us try to make this week holy by sharing peace and joy with the needy, the alienated, the lonely, the sick and the ‘untouchable’. Let us unite our own sufferings, inconveniences and annoyances with the sufferings of Jesus. Let us stretch ourselves, going beyond our comfort zones to unite ourselves with Christ’s redemptive work.