Be off Satan!

Be off Satan!    There is a true story of a well-to-do Indian poet who said that for years, his inspiration came during the hours he would sit quietly contemplating the beauty of the moon every night. Until his family fell on hard times and no longer had enough food to put on the table. […]

Stop the world and let me off!

Stop the world and let me off! There is an old country and western song entitled “Stop the world and let me off”! At times, I can understand quite clearly the sentiment of whoever wrote that song. Our modern lifestyles are frantic. We live life at a relentless pace. So all of us, at some […]

Love your Enemies

Love your Enemies The moving words of Pope John Paul II at Drogheda in 1979 capture the heart of this Sunday’s Gospel. Many of you will remember his words to a crowd of over 300,000 people at one of the most difficult moments in our history. Addressing himself directly to men and women engaged in sectarian […]

St Patrick’s Day Mass 2017

St Patrick’s Day Mass 2017 As St Patrick’s Day 2017 falls on a Friday, we will celebrate our national patron with Mass for the Irish Community on Sunday 19th March at 4pm at the Church of St. Étienne du Mont. All are very welcome to join us for Mass and for refreshments at the Collège […]

The Law is not just a set of Rules

The Law is not just a set of Rules For years, a neighbour of ours at home just couldn’t pass the driving test. He tried everything.He must have had about ten different instructors over the years.He went out practicing every hour God sent. And what’s more, he knew the rules of the road even better […]

You are the Salt of the Earth

You are the Salt of the Earth  We have all, at some time or other, heard somebody described as ‘salt of the earth’. Its an expression we use for a very wholesome person… somebody who could be described as ‘the best in the world… somebody with a big heart who will go over and above […]

As Christians we are happily blessed!

The Holy Land is a breathtakingly beautiful land. But its a tortured land too…tortured by decades of political conflict and war…One of the most beautiful parts of the Holy Land is the region up in the north where the sea of Galilee is surrounded by mountains and fertile green hills. On one of those hills […]

From Prison to Praise!

From Prison to Praise!       Imagine a prisoner sitting alone in a dark cell…hemmed in and hopeless, with nothing but four walls to contemplate. That was Nelson Mandela’s reality for 27 years. We’re all familiar with Mandela because of his very public profile after his release from prison in 1990.But only Mandela himself […]


Behold!    The Austrian conductor Herbert von Karajan was one of the most renowned musicians of the twentieth century. He spent 35 years of his career as principal conductor with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1985, he was invited to direct Mozart’s Coronation Massduring Mass with Pope John Paul II in St. Peter’s Basilica in […]


Ephinay   If the birth of the Son of God in a hovel in Bethlehem came as a surprise to humanity,then the arrival of three wise men from the East was definitely the icing on the cake.God had proved once again that the drama of his Son’s presence among us would unfold as he had […]