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La Forêt-Montgeron Chaplaincy Visit

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La Forêt-Montgeron Chaplaincy recently visited the Irish College, Paris for Mass. Here are some words from one of it leaders, Christophe Favier.

As one of the leaders of “La Forêt-Montgeron” Chaplaincy, I’m in charge of the pastoral activities of the 15-18 years old group. The theme we have chosen this year is “From all nations, see my disciples”, and each group meeting has been dedicated to christians from far away. Our wandering has led us to Ireland after St Patrick’s day.

A group of 11 students came to mass at the Chapelle Saint Patrick on March 23. They were pleased and grateful to Father Dwayne Gavin and the community of the Irish College in Paris. They got to know St Patrick’s story, the christians from Ireland and the way they pray to the Lord.

This experience was exciting for them and significant in the building of their faith.