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Notice for St Patrick’s day

Dear all

Every year on St. Patrick’s Day, hundreds of thousands of people flock out onto the streets all over the world to celebrate “Irishness” in its many facets . Today is the day when all are welcome in the parlour!

Presidents, patriots, parisians, plastic paddys; everyone has a place in the parade.

But for us, St. Patrick’s Day is something much more than that. Its about being proud to be followers of Jesus Christ. Its about giving thanks for that rich Christian heritage that is so much part of our identity as Irish men and women.

This weekend, we celebrate a mystery that goes much deeper than even Patrick’s legacy. We celebrate the mystery of the love of Jesus that drew Patrick into God’s friendship, set him on fire with that same love and sent him out to share God’s love with the people of Ireland.

It is right for us to celebrate today, because we celebrate Jesus Christ who invites each and every one of us today into that same loving friendship and calls us in turn to bring his love to everyone we meet.

“Críost liom,

Críost romham,

Críost i mo dhiaidh,

Críost istigh ionam,

Críost fúm (…)

Críost i gcrói gach duine atá ag cuimhneamh orm,

Críost i mbéal gach duine a labhráionn lom,

Críost i ngach súil a fhéachann orm,

Críost i ngach cluas a éisteann liom”



Kind regards

Fr. Dwayne Gavin

Aumônier Irlandais