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On Sunday, September 22, we prayed for Syria in a particular way and the collection was offered for the relief of refugees in Syria.

During the week previous to this appeal, Fr Sean was in Angers to help with a retreat in the Bon Pasteur. There he met two sisters who were working in Syria, one who was Syrian and the other who was Lebanese. These sisters were due to return to Syria almost immediately after the retreat and so the money which we collected was to be given directly to them and it was to be used immediately for the relief of refugees.

The collection came to €135-24 but, as many people were not aware of the collection and could not contribute, it was decided to top this up from the Chaplaincy fund and we offered the Sisters €300-00 for their work with refugees.

The sisters phoned on Sunday night and left a message to say they were surprised and touched by the generosity of Irish people in Paris and that the money would go towards helping children who have been displaced by the war.