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Irish Place Names Related to St Patrick

In Ireland there are many places that have an association with St Patrick and have a special place in the hearts of Irish people because of their personal memories of him. There are too many places to mention but below are some of the well-known sites in Ireland.

In the North of Ireland in Downpatrick, you will find the Downpatrick Shrine; the Cathedral is called the Holy Trinity. It was formerly named the Church of Dendalethglass.St Patrick, St Brigid, and St Columba are believed to be buried in the Cathedral. In the 12th century artefacts from St Patrick were found there, a bell, tooth, and hand. You can now see some of these artefacts in the National Museum of Dublin.

Also in the north of Ireland is Lough Derg in Co. Donegal. Lough Derg, the Red Lake contains a shrine to St Patrick. It is called Lough Derg, the Red Lake because folklore tell us St Patrick killed the lake monster and its blood dyed the water red.To this day between the 1st of June to the 15th of August there is a three-day pilgrimage of prayer. Lough Derg is said to be a cure for the seven deadly sins.

Two of the oldest sites in the north are Ard Macha or Armagh (Macha’s Height). A Cathedral Church was built here by St Patrick in Armagh in 444 AD. Sabhail in Co.Down. St Patrick founded his first church here and legend says St Patrick died here.

In the West of Ireland you will find one of the most well-known sites associated with St Patrick, Croagh Patrick (Patrick’s Hill) in Westport, Co. Mayo. St Patrick spent 40 days of lent here praying and fasting. To this day on the last Sunday in July hundreds of people go on a pilgrimage and climb the mountain.

In Co. Galway is Inchagoill (Island of The Devout Stranger) in Lough Corrib. Inchagoill comprises of two runes. The first rune is of the fifth century Tempull Phádraig which is made of limestone. The second rune is an eleventh century church called Church of the Saints Inchagoill.

In the mid-east region of Ireland is Kells, Island of Stone Kells (Head Fort) in Co Meath. One of the most famous books in Ireland was created in 807 AD by the Monks. The Book of Kells is a manuscript of the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. There are still remains of a round tower, stoned-roofed building, and the Patriccii et Columbae Crux (The Cross of Patrick and Columba) with four other stone crosses. Today the Book of Kells can be viewed in Trinity College Dublin .

In Co. Meath is Donagh-Patrick (The Church of Patrick) Bishop Mel was blessed here by St Patrick .In Dunshaughlin Co. Meath is Domnach Sechnaill church. It was believed that the first hymn was composed here by St. Sechnall . It honours St Patrick, is 23 stanzas long, and is known as Hymn in Patrick’s Praise.