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Come Holy Spirit, build up the Kingdom

Have you ever wondered what happened to the grace of your own Confirmation? I am sure we each have it still. It is simply waiting to be used by us. So, what is this grace? It’s an energy, an enthusiasm for the “things of God”. It calls on us to make a commitment: to make our lives resemble the life of Christ. This commitment has to turn up and be visible in our daily lives. The same Spirit led Jesus to build up the Kingdom of God, His family, what we call His Church. He did this by showing love in action; by gathering people in; by forgiving; by including and not excluding; by touching the unclean and the sick in a bond of solidarity; by accepting unfairness, even death; by challenging the comfortable; by dreaming new dreams.

Can you see yourself doing any of these things? Well, that’s exactly what God wants of you. But don’t turn to God and say “I can’t. I’m not able”, because that is not true. He has given you the energy, the power, through His Spirit. Over the years we have added to the number of people empowered, enabled, filled with God’s Spirit. The world needs you to wake up! Our Church needs you to act now! The Church is at a point, where each contribution will make a real difference. Here, the Church will only grow if we make it happen. Are you going to make Jesus’ vision, His dream become visible today and in the future? This call is for you, who have received the Spirit, and for those, who now receive Him in Confirmation.