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Notices for March 23, 2012

Dear Friends

Thanks to all those who came to celebrate the Feast of Saint Patrick at the weekend. It was a very beautiful occasion and it was a real joy to see so many people together in an atmosphere of celebration and friendship.

I would like to offer a particular word of thanks to those who gave so much of their time and energy to preparing and serving the refreshments. People were here from midday and the entire enterprise was very well organized and ran very smoothly. Many people were really impressed by the genuine hospitality. Thanks to you all!

Thanks to those involved in liturgy and music on the day also. Our readers, singers, servers and all those who were working behind the scenes to prepare our liturgy did us all proud. I would particularly like to thank Pere Olier, the sacristans of Saint Etienne du Mont and M. Vincent Warnier, organist.

An Cor were a pleasure to welcome and offered a real enhancement to our liturgy. I would like to thank them for their presence. Lena did us proud once more! Saint Etienne du Mont seems to be built for the haunting music of the Deer’s Cry. Thanks to you all!

Our guests honoured us with their presence and I would like to thank the Spiritans, the Seminaire Polonais, the Xaviere and the Sisters from the rue de Bac and the Depot As always, Fr Aidan and the parishioners of St Joe’s, our sister community, were there to support us and we were thankful to them for their presence and support. Thank you for joining us!

At the end of the day, we have much for which to be thankful. I think last Sunday was a day when many people were confronted with moments of consolationa nd hope as they encountered the joy of God’s presence. I offered Mass of thanksgiving on Monday for those moments of grace and encounter.

Our celebrations have been featured on the Kandle website. You can find the article here:


FInally, our next big event weill be the Trocaire quiz to be held in Patrick’s Pub on Sunday 1 April at 16h00. Everyone will be welcome!

God bless!


Fr Sean Maher